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I have four books available for purchase on Amazon. Few people have read them and even fewer have paid for them, so by doing one or the other (or both!), you will be joining an exclusive club. I've also had a number of humor pieces published across a variety of humor websites and a creative nonfiction piece published in Creative Nonfiction. I'm currently working on a book about rediscovering American culture after living abroad for several years, which I plan to finish by the end of 2023.


Get the F**k out of Bed (2022)

Get the F**k out of Bed is a parody of Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach. An illustrated children's book for adults, Get the F**k out of Bed is filled with adult language, adult humor, and pure hilarity.

Who's on God (2021)

Who's on God, an illustrated book for adults, takes a playful look at the many different perspectives on the existence of God. It's funny and cute and not intended to offend anyone's religious beliefs or sensibilities.

Interviews with Jim Schneider (2018)

A parody of the excellent Interviews with Francis Bacon, in which I imagine myself having achieved fame and acclaim as a collage artist. This ebook features original collage images made by the author (that's me!) alongside a cut-up of questions and answers taken from Interview Magazine, arranged to form an odd but coherent and comedic interview.

To What Do I Owe Displeasure? (2016)

A collection of jokes, illustrations, poems, stories, musings, cartoons, and other hard-to-categorize miscellanea. Available as an ebook.


Thank You for Your Feedback on the 1st Annual Fun Retreat for American Unity Discovery (Robot Butt, 2022)

Method Man (The Daily Drunk, 2021)

A Memo from Cupid: Changes to Valentine Season (Weekly Humorist, 2021)

In Lieu of Flowers (Creative Nonfiction, 2016)

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