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Jim Schneider A-Z, my YouTube channel, features videos primarily focused on culture and travel. I've created several different series and made most of my videos in South Korea, China, and America. Click on the YouTube icon to check out my videos and of course, don't forget to subscribe! Series descriptions are below.

South Korea A-Z

My first video project, South Korea A-Z explores Korean culture and travel destinations in 26 different 10-15 minute videos. (Some videos run a little longer than 15 minutes, some run a little less than 10. Don't sue me for false advertising.) To make the series, I chose one topic for each letter of the (English) alphabet with the goal of providing the viewer with a complete introduction to Korean culture. Topics include Beauty, Fortune Telling, and Taekwondo. Featured on Korean television station SBS.

Shanghai A-Z

This project follows the same basic concept as South Korea A-Z but takes a close look at daily life, culture, and travel destinations in Shanghai, China. Topics include Architecture, Disney, and Shanghai Cuisine.

Shanghai A-Z (Mandarin)

The Mandarin Chinese version of Shanghai A-Z! The topics are the same as the English version, but the content is slightly different, and I'm speaking Mandarin! If you don't speak Mandarin, not to worry, English subtitles are available. Mandarin subtitles are also an option for Mandarin speakers/learners. I make a few pronunciation mistakes here and there, but overall I'm really proud that I was able to complete a version of Shanghai A-Z in Mandarin.

Work in Progress

My video podcast thing, in which I talk to people about the work they do and why they do it. I also test my guests' knowledge of Canadian trivia. 

Other Stuff

Not every video I've made is part of a series. If you look through my YouTube channel you'll find book trailers for my books, marketing materials I've created (for both real and fake businesses), outdoor adventures in South Korea, China stuffhumor videos, and more. Visit my channel and have a look around!

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